The Team


My name is Jamie AKA Death Kiss Squadron (DKS).
I make music. I produce and Rap/Sing.
I can also DJ, but I don’t like to brag ;)

I am the music video sound man or technician if you want to be exact
with the terminology (but Sound Man sounds cooler!).

I assist my brother and the main man behind videos here at UK Flow Zone.
I capture the best/most clear audio when shooting freestyles, live performances and interviews for #Flowzone and help with audio editing in the production stages of the process. I also assist with the story boarding, directing, set up on music video shoots.

I blog for and write articles/reviews for Death Kiss Media also.

It gives me great pleasure to share all the best music and events of unsigned/signed artists, giving them a platform to showcase their talents and provide another outlet to share their music /creative skills. The likes of which were hard to come by when I was a bit younger getting into music creatively.


My name is Spexx23 or just Spexx, and I make musical montages without Sly Stallone or the boxing and montages.

I’m a Video Producer, specifically a camera operator, director and editor.

I blog for Death Kiss Media Magazine, and also for, promoting and reviewing new upcoming UK Hip Hop, Grime and Urban artists and events and posting the hottest Urban music video’s from around the UK on the latter website.

I love music and films, I can’t make music, but I can make visuals to go along with the music in the most complimentary and fitting fashion.

Film and Music are entertainment, so I see Music Videos as entertainment. If you are entertained by my Music Videos I am doing a great job.

I enjoy discovering new music and sharing it through our media outlets, trying to help the scene grow so it is as strong independently than it is with big faceless corporation backing. That sounds like a lot of work, but if the scene builds together then we will make it happen eventually. I get immense satisfaction from not only discovering new talent but being able to capture the music myself and promote those moments of raw musical magic.


My name is Critical aka Critz.
I make music and am one of the rappers/artists for Death Kiss Musick. I also have a passion for promoting music as a whole, especially for my favorite artists.

I grew up listening to the likes of G Money and Chipmunk, not to mention rap legends like Eminem and 2 pac, listening to Grime and Hip Hop helping mold my own musical style. Having listened to the best US and UK artists around has evolved my lyricism and my rhyme skills tenfold. I also know what quality is in urban music and I am excited to share raw talent with the world, promoting articles on my teams websites.

Being part of the blogging/promotion side of Death Kiss Media and UK FlowZone, I network, and help other artists like myself, to give them a strong platform to spread their music to a wider audience. I enjoy listening to music, creating it and watching the sickest music videos and live performances, so what better way to enjoy the things I’m passionate about whilst contributing on some level to expanding the UK music scene. It is great to be a part of something music-related and to help push UK Hip Hop and Grime forward.