Video Production

We here at UK Flow Zone provide a range of video production services. Be it from start to finish, creating a story board, picking a location for the video shoot, filming and editing and adding those final professional touches or editing footage you may have filmed yourself. We can provide freestyle video’s with a professional mic to pick up the best sound possible in almost any weather, interviews, live performance shoots and full HD music videos. We use a high quality DLSR style camera, with additional lenses and filters for that expert looking cinematic feel to your project. We use top editing software with the latest and most up to date effects to finish your visuals off to the highest specification possible. You too can rival the best artists in the scene with slick visuals to match your music. We at UK Flow Zone pride ourselves on a quality end product and can deliver just that with the knowledge and experience gained from our education and work within the industry. So get in touch for a music video, interview or your very own UK Flow Zone freestyle/cypher session. We are not just creating your visuals, we are a movement dedicated to helping the UK music scene grow.