Don’t Flop recently unveiled another new Rap Battle from their Don’t Flop US Rap Battle series. The battle took place between Carter Deems from Atlanta, and Florida state’s Isaac Knoxx in what may be one of the funniest battles in the series so far. Carter Deems went up first, and from the off, he showed a comedic side, as gave a few shout outs, pulling out a long list, in which he showed his passion for amphibious creatures among other things. In Round One, Carter showed off his wordplay skills, dissing Isaac Knoxx’s bad guy persona and his gun talk, and it becomes apparent that Carter is very tactile in battles, as he delivers ‘tickle bars’, and actually tickling his opponent. The same occurred in Round 2, as he made a play on the date scene, and pulling out a ‘date’ which was in fact a fig. Isaac replied to Carter, pulling him up on his missile references, stating he missed his targets, knocking Carter’s delivery several times in the battle, for instance, in Round 3, he made a mockery of Carter’s simplistic rhyme style, and emphasizing that he actually freestyles. Another fantastic play on words from Carter was in Round 2 when he stated that Isaac Knoxx’s family had ‘two mini-vans’, whilst his family had ‘too many vans’ which made his drive look like Disney Land. Both also had their fair share of jokes about each others’ appearance, Carter expressing his disgust at seeing Knoxx’s face, and also making reference to his height, where as Knoxx labeled Carter’s skinny physique as ‘linear’. Knoxx however, impressed me in Round 2 first off, pulling up Carter on his failed law degree, and stating he couldn’t pass the bar, and in Round 3, embarrassed Carter by exposing his passion for ‘felines’, and going on to drop mad wordplay on cats. Both rappers couldn’t have more contrasting styles to each other in terms of flow and delivery, but nonetheless, both were hilarious with the jokes they spat. In my opinion, this battle was kind of hard to call, I would give Cater the first round, maybe the second, where as Knoxx would have to take Round 3, so Carter Deems edged. Digest this battle below and leave us your feedback and thoughts in the comments section . . .

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