Chip Vs Yungen Part 3 #ChipVsYungen Chipmunk – “Michelle Riddim (Lil Clive Diss)”

Less than 24hrs later Chip replies to Yungen’s “Punk” diss with a grimy staggered Trap beat fueled banger entitled “Michelle Riddim”. Taking to GRM Daily to post the moody visuals for his par filled slanging match, Chip refers to Yungen as Michelle from Destiny’s Child (being Beyonce & Kellys “Sideman”), using the 1st half of the track to slew Yungen over issues regarding alleged restraining orders against him from a female they were both involved with and calling him out on “Punk” being pre recorded and Yungen being “Lost on the Long Way Home” (a diss about him not being on Krept & Konan’s album).

Chip then uses the second half of the track to go in on Tinie Tempah (probably for appearing in Yungen’s Punk diss video among various other well known reasons). Chip calls Tinie out for the Cameo, mocking the fact Tinie’s mum thanked Chip for bringing him on tour, labeling him a coon, snake and a punk. Neither Chip or Yungen look like backing down on this beef. Stay tuned for a potential reply from Yungen! And just when is Tinie gonna get in the booth for a whole diss track?! Keep it locked. Its a madness!! #ChipVsYungen Part 3!

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