Don’t Flop recently hosted a Rap Battle between Battle Rappers Juan and Mr Tongue Twister, at their recent Sixth Birthday bash. Juan was first to kick things off, dropping some humorous disses, especially imitating Mr TT’s style, and laying down some funny punchlines. Mr Tongue Twister followed suit with some more hilarious bars, labeling Juan as nothing but a kid, stating that he only came to the battle for a free ticket, and mocking his posh accent. Juan was quite impressive with the wordplay, using Mr TT’s name against him, and Mr Tongue Twister took it upon himself in Round 2 to diss Juan on his ‘gay’ attire. Juan had a slight stumble in the last round, yet he got back on track, and he too poked fun at Mr Tongue Twister’s clothing style. Mr Tongue Twister ended with his own knowledge of Juan’s previous battles and freestyles, coming to the conclusion that he is wack. Both Rappers went back and fourth, trading some ludicrous disses, some were humorous, where as both had differing delivery. Nonetheless, I thin it was quite hard battle to call, what do you think? Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below . . .

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