SOUL VS UNANYMOUS | Don’t Flop Rap Battle

Don’t Flop presented a Rap Battle between Battle Rappers Soul and Unanymous at their recent Sixth Birthday bash. Soul took to the mic first in round 1, as he rhymed about his own knowledge of Unanymous’s social network history, ‘begging’ it with US Rappers, and stating he and Flexplicit, rather than arguing should be best friends. Soul went on to drop some outrageous punchlines as well as some humorous bars that especially got the crowd hyped. Soul also bought in to the battle mention of Unanymous and his appearance, size and weight. Unanymous also had his own share of metaphors, getting right to it on his turn, with a slick line in which he states he let everyone down by turning up, spraying some bars in which he lyrically tears Soul apart, and funnily putting Soul in an embarrassing predicament with a witty line in which he brings up the fact of Soul’s girlfriend living in Canada and mention of skype. Unanymous ends the battle with another witty bar in which he states that Soul met his girlfriend through Unanymous’s facebook. This was an awesome battle, with both rappers possessing as much talent as each other, and both were as witty and funny as each other, in my opinion Unanymous had a few moments of great disses, where as Soul was consistent, but nonetheless, the battle is hard to call. Check out the battle below and tell us who you think wins it . . .

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