Video Submissions

We here at UK Flowz pride ourselves on professionalism. From our professional art/video and music projects to our networking and contact/social/networking etiquette. I mean why put the time, effort and money into something polished and ready for the big wigs, only to throw all that hard work out the window with casual slang, slap dash vocabulary and a lack of general manners to somebody who is helping to give exposure to your creativity.

We welcome video submissions for our site, but bear in mind that your video is most probably likely to be blogged should you include;
a) The correct and proper information with your video link eg; contact info, working music links, relevant artwork, video description. This makes it so much easier to feature on our website. The more said/described about your project the better.
b) Artist photo’s, professional and un copyrighted by third parties (nothing more annoying than scouring facebook or your twitter account for a recent/relevant photo of an artists music you actually rate, it can be a real off put for potential bloggers of your work).
c) Last but not least, basic manners; “please”, “thank you” and “how are you” never hurt anybody.

Remember if you wouldn’t inbox the head of a record label with “Yo”, “Sup” or “Fam”, then there is no need to inbox other professionals with the same language. Granted we are not the head of a major label, but its good practice to conduct your networking etiquette in the right way so that people who can help you in your career feel more obliged to reach out and invest time into pushing your product. Take it from people with 1st hand experience of this.

Ideally we would like ALL artists submitting to lay out their emails something like this:

Artist(s) Name :
Artist Information: (Where You’re From/Age/Genre)
Song/Video Title:
Link To Video:
Directed/Filmed/Edited By:
Video Music Production Credits/Featured Artists:
Music Links:
Social Network Links:
*Attached Photo’s For Feature (High Resolution)

Thankyou for reading. We look forward to hearing from all of you talented UK artists and videographers.

Peace. #UKFlowz