VILLUN VS JSHORT | Dont Flop Rap Battle

Don’t Flop recently unveiled a their last Rap Battle of 2014, at their Office Xmas Party, in which Rappers Villun and Jshort went against each other. Jshort kicked off the battle, by knocking Villun’s appearance and wearing shades, comparing him to Crazy Frog having joined NWA. Jshort also made many references through out the battle to Villun being albino, with punchlines such as stating he stands out more than a highlighter, , that his skin looks like cracker, and even calls him calcium kid. In Round 2, Villun basically showed him up to be a hypocrite, and that both get burnt from the sun as both are ginger. Villun took it upon himself in round two to refer to JShort being ginger, comparing him to Sigourney Phizzle, and in the first round, stated he would get a ‘crimson top’ to match his ‘ginger froth’. Both poked holes in each others abilities too, with Villun going for the angle of Jshort’s lyrics bring ‘boring’ and ‘basic’, stating they were simplistic like biff and chip. In the last round, Villun also pulled up Jshort on his previous battle, and some subliminals in which he concluded he should compare himself to packaged food. Jshort on the other hand, he was proved right in the second round, after rhyming about Villun always going over time limits in battles, stating that Villun holds more lyrics from artists than the rap genius forum, and in the last round he also makes fun of Villun’s ‘high-pitched’ voice, saying that there was someone doing his adlibs in the back. Villunoverall had better wordplay than Jshort, especially in round 1 which he took in my opinion, he was technical with the bars and the delivery was clear, but what let him down was his stumbles in the last two rounds, where as Jshort had two good rounds, round tow and three, and was more consistent, and his punchlines got stronger as he went on. In my opinion, if you want to go with technicality, then Villun takes it, but if you consider consistency, then Jshort is your victor. Check out the battle below and leave us your feedback in the comments section . . .

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